New playground equipment open in 4 parks

Four City of Bartlesville-owned parks got a much-needed makeover in 2018 after the City Council approved a contract to purchase new equipment for Sooner, Johnstone, Robinwood and Douglass Parks.

Community Development Director Lisa Beeman ordered the equipment after she and volunteer Park Board members spent months studying the best possible options for area children.

“This was one of the more important decisions we’ve made in that it will be a lasting one that will impact many children in upcoming years, simply due to the costly nature of these types of projects,” Beeman said. “It was important that we get it right, and I believe we did.”

The new equipment was purchased through ACS Playground Adventures of Oklahoma City for $432,100. The cost is $400 below the budgeted cost of $432,500.

The equipment serves ages 2-5 and 5-12 in Sooner and Johnstone parks, and ages 2-5 in Robinwood and Douglass parks.

Funding for the project came from General Obligation Bond issues, approved by voters in 2014 and 2017.