Pedestrian crossing work underway at Madison and Hazel

City of Bartlesville crews are working to construct new sidewalk and a pedestrian crossing near Madison Boulevard and Hazel Road.

Street Department crews are pouring concrete and completing dirt work in the area and hope to start installing the signals next week, Street Supervisor Lance Brown said recently.

“The new parts for the pedestrian crossing should be in soon, and they’ll be able to start working on that portion of the project, hopefully within a week or so,” Brown said.

Brown said the project should be complete in the next couple of weeks.

Money for the project — approximately $10,000 to $15,000 — is coming from the voter-approved half-cent Capital Improvement Projects fund.


Top: Street Department crews pour concrete for the new sidewalk on the east side of Madison Boulevard near Hazel Road.
Right: After the concrete is poured, masonry work begins.
Left: Crews build forms for the project before the concrete arrives.
Bottom, right: Lanes are closed to make way for the equipment needed for the job.