PSA: Check licenses for contractors before hiring

March 12, 2019

Planning to hire a contractor for a home improvement or business project? Make sure they’re properly licensed, says Chief Building Official Trey Yankovich.

“Everyone who does business in Bartlesville must be licensed through the City of Bartlesville — and sometimes the State of Oklahoma as well,” Yankovich said.

Yankovich said anyone hired to do home or business improvement jobs must hold a City business license, and those performing electrical, plumbing or mechanical work must also hold a State license.

“This allows us to keep track of who is doing business in Bartlesville and ensure, as best we can, that our residents are hiring qualified people for their projects,” he said.

Yankovich also reminds citizens to independently verify that their contractor has insurance, as insurance certificates can expire at any time and the City of Bartlesville does not have the resources to follow up on each contractor.

“The State requires roofers as well as electrical, plumbing and mechanical (HVAC) contractors to have State licenses and certifications,” he said. “Proof of insurance is required at the State level. Anyone can check to make sure his or her contractor is current by visiting the Construction Industries Board website.

In addition, City permits may be required for the work that will be performed. Anyone who is uncertain whether a permit is required is encouraged to contact the Community Development Department at 918.338.4238.

Photo by Jens Behrmann on Unsplash