Q&A: No ‘deal’ with WDC to keep grocery stores out; bike trail project stalled

Is it true there was a deal when the Walmart Distribution Center was put in that keeps any other grocery stores from coming in to compete with Walmart?

No, it’s not. While the construction and opening of the Walmart Distribution Center pre-dates current staff with the Bartlesville Development Authority, there is no knowledge of any such “deal” by the BDA. Additionally, City of Bartlesville directors whose departments issue permits and licenses or otherwise work with new businesses in town are not aware of any such arrangement and therefore have not — and would not — enforce it, as it is not legal for a municipality to block the entrance of any legitimate business in a properly zoned location.

Hudson Lake bike trail project stalled

What’s the status on mountain bike trails at Hudson Lake? Word is Walton Foundation has or is donating a large sum towards this but remainder is left up to the city. Can you clarify what’s going on?

To the best of anyone’s knowledge, it appears the citizens group that initially approached the City about this project is still working to secure potential funding options. Initial conversations about the project included an agreement that a significant portion of the funding would come from grants and/or donations from outside sources, while City staff would explore possible future funding sources as well. City staff have not yet received confirmation of funding and further talks have not occurred. No public monies have been allocated for this project.

Repairs needed for Pathfinder near Tuxedo Bridge

Will Pathfinder by the cement plant, under the bridge and up to the baseball field, be cleaned up soon? The path in that area is loaded up with mud and a ton of huge trees/limbs from the floods.

This area of the path was heavily impacted during the recent flooding event and was closed for several days after even flood water receded. According to Parks Superintendent Bobby Robinson, the primary issue in the area is erosion, which will require more extensive repairs than City of Bartlesville crews with limited equipment can provide. City staff is working to secure a contractor to complete the repairs. A date for completion and the path’s re-opening is not yet known. While there are no physical barriers to prevent access to the area, it is best to avoid this area until further notice. Follow City Beat for updates on this issue.

Drop box available for after-hours payment

Are we able to leave a check in a drop box for the utility bills?

Yes, it’s in the parking lot at City Hall, 401 S. Johnstone Ave. It’s to your left as you are leaving the lot on the south side.