Q&A: Civitan Park, Eastland Pathfinder connection updates

September 4, 2019

Since the storm this spring, there has been no awning over the playground equipment at Civitan Park. Is there any time frame for getting a replacement?

City staff are currently looking at options versus costs regarding the replacement of the shade structure cover at Civitan Park. The previous cover for the structure was made of fabric, which was not able to withstand storm damage that occurred earlier this year. The cover was damaged beyond repair, which prompted City staff to begin looking at options for a new cover. While the cost of fabric material covers has risen exponentially since the original cover was purchased, covers made of harder, more durable material appear to remain within budget. At this time, cost estimates for a hard cover for the structure are being compiled and reviewed. Expect updates on this project soon.

Work to re-align Pathfinder at Eastland Center continues

What is the status of the Pathfinder connection near Eastland Center? Since the (new restaurant) opened there, access to the trail isn’t very safe.

Yes, plans are underway to re-route the Pathfinder trail that is currently directly west of Eastland Center in an effort to make the area more safe for trail users. City staff began working on a resolution to the problem shortly after the construction of the Chick-Fil-A restaurant at the center, which brought increased traffic to the trail area.

Staff sought and received a grant in the amount of $125,000 from the 2018 Recreational Trails Program, which is administered by the Oklahoma Tourism and Recreation Department, to help leverage existing funds for the project, and began working to acquire the easements needed to complete the re-alignment of the path to run south of Turkey Creek rather than through the Eastland Shopping Center. The plan also includes relocating the existing trailhead at the shopping center near Chick-Fil-A to the west side of U.S. Highway 75 on property owned by the City, located north of Senor Salsa. According to Director of Engineering Micah Siemers, City staff are still working out some final details on the easement through the Eastland Center property owners.

“Hopefully we will have that finalized by the end of September,” he said. “Ambler Architects is working on some final revisions to the construction plans and should have them completed by the end of September as well.”

If all goes well, work on the project could be ready to bid next month, Siemers said.

Medical marijuana dispensaries regulated as medical pharmacy

How many (medical) marijuana shops are there in Bartlesville now and how are they regulated?

There are nine open dispensaries, which are regulated by city ordinances as a medical pharmacy. They are further regulated by Oklahoma state statutes, which are enforced by the state health department.