Q&A: Locke Supply, Braums, Panda Express, Dominos & Taco Village

I was curious about the dirt work being done on North Highway 75 between Aaron’s rental and the Phillips 66 station. What is going to be built there?

According to Community Development Director Lisa Beeman, the dirt work underway on north U.S. Highway 75 between Aaron’s rental and the Phillips 66 station is for a new Locke Supply store. The existing store, located further south on U.S. 75, is relocating to the north U.S. 75 site.

What ever happened with the plans to demolish and rebuild the Braums that were submitted about the same time as Chick-Fil-A?

Well, it’s a good thing you asked, as plans have apparently changed. According to plans submitted to the City’s Community Development Department, Braums now plans to remodel the existing store at 3820 SE Adams Road and construct a new facility on south Washington Boulevard, across the street from its existing store at 2539 SE Washington Boulevard. Construction is expected to start this fall.

Is it true we’re getting a Panda Express?

Plans for a Panda Express restaurant at Silver Lake Village, a new shopping center located on Adams Boulevard east of Silver Lake Road, are currently under review by the City of Bartlesville.

What’s going on at the corner of Tuxedo and Washington?

Dominos Pizza is opening a new “theater design” restaurant with a dine-in option at an existing building on the northeast corner of Tuxedo and Washington. According to a spokesperson for the company, the restaurant will open sometime this year.

Are they getting ready to open something where Taco Village was?

The Building & Permit office confirmed that the building which formerly housed Taco Village, at 609 SW Frank Phillips Blvd., is expected to open soon under another name. Chief Building Official Robert McGuire said the business is currently replacing some equipment and undergoing required inspections.