Q&A: Quality of life projects could be considered by voters next year

October 25, 2017
Will there be any chance of (Bartlesville getting) a teen entertainment center that would include another skateboard park, a skating rink, some really neat rock climbing walls and a zip-line area? These are activities that my grandkids would constantly ask about when visiting.

While there are no immediate plans to construct any of the projects on the above list, the City of Bartlesville has for months been in the process of putting together a list of potential projects for a General Obligation bond election that could occur as early as Spring of next year. So it is possible that projects along these lines could be put before voters soon.

At any given time, there is roughly $100 million in projects that could be funded through a bond issue. Of course, voters will be asked to approve something far less than that number, though the exact amount has yet to be determined by the City Council. The council will determine how much money will be sought overall (which will indicate how long it will take to expire the bonds) as well as which projects should be considered by voters for funding.

In previous bond elections, projects consisted of street repairs and other capital needs including police cars and fire trucks, as well as facilities upgrades and “quality of life” projects such as park improvements. (An example of a larger quality of life project funded all or in part through this mechanism is the Price Fields Complex Renovation, a multi-phase project that involves upgrades at the ball fields located on Tuxedo Boulevard west of Silver Lake Road.)

The council will begin holding workshop meetings in November to discuss these issues, and to choose an election date. All registered Bartlesville residents will be able to vote in the election.

If you are interested in what types of projects are funded in the next bond issue cycle, consider attending upcoming meetings on the subject. Bond workshop meetings will be announced in City Beat, as well as the City’s Facebook page and website and local media.

(Note: The City Park Board and Street/Traffic Committee recently approved projects they would like to see considered by the council. See these recommended projects at Park Board Recommended Projects and Street Committee recommended projects. While these projects will no doubt be discussed, the City Council will ultimately decide which projects are sent to voters next spring.)

Plot twist

What is going on with the old Quench Bud’s location on Highway 75 by Motel 6? It looks like it was being remodeled, but then work stopped.

According to the City’s Building & Permit Office, work stopped on the former Thirsty’s building when the intended tenant had a change of plans. The owner of the property reportedly plans to finish the building to specifications once a new tenant is located.

(Editor’s note: This story originally and erroneously reported the location in “Plot Twist” as Thirsty’s, not Quench Bud’s. This document contains the correct location.)