Q&A: Traffic control signal at Silver Lake Village to be temporarily disabled

Please tell me (the traffic signals at Silver Lake Village) will be synchronized with the Silver Lake light and have sensors so if no one is there it doesn’t turn red — like during after hours and/or in the weeks before it opens?

The new traffic control signals on Adams Boulevard east of Silver Lake Road will be disabled temporarily this week so these features can be installed.

According to Director of Engineering Micah Siemers, the new signals will be synchronized with the signals immediately to the west, at Adams and Silver Lake. The new signals will also cycle for approaching emergency vehicles and will be equipped with sensors to detect vehicles in all directions and cycle accordingly.

Contract crews are expected to disable the signal to install the features this week. It is unknown when the signals will be reactivated.

The signals will service traffic at the new Silver Lake Village retail center on the south side of Adams Boulevard (aka U.S. Highway 60), as well as Lee Lake, Cooper Dog Park and the soccer fields on the north side of the highway.