Bartlesville Municipal Airport

Bartlesville Municipal Airport is located in the northwest portion of Bartlesville within the Osage County line, approximately three miles west of downtown area. It features one concrete runway, which measures 6,850 feet in length by 100 feet in width, which is lit and pilot-controlled.

  • Runway lighting is pilot-controlled.
  • ASOS and non-precision approaches are available.
  • Phillips 66 FBO offers a full range of services to both transient and local business, including aircraft fueling (Jet and Avgas), towing, hangar storage, flight crew vehicles, restrooms, passenger and flight crew lounge areas, weather and flight planning.
  • Approximately 50 aircraft are based at the airport.
  • There are 56 parking spaces for vehicles at the passenger terminal area and additional parking adjacent to each hangar facility.
  • Rental car service is provided.
  • The airport covers approximately 430 acres at 717 feet above sea level.
  • National Biplane Association Memorial Plaza┬áhonoring fallen members.

The airport provides more than 40 full-time jobs specializing in several different areas. Some of the areas represented include aircraft inspections, maintenance, storage and fueling, crop dusting and airport management services.

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