Bike rack program aimed at local businesses

Nearly two years ago, the City of Bartlesville applied for and received grant funding that helped purchase bicycle racks for City Hall, the Bartlesville Public Library, Sooner Pool, Bill Doenges Memorial Stadium and other public buildings. According to City Grants Administrator Nancy Warring, a program was then started to make the remaining racks available to downtown businesses through a sponsorship agreement.

The sponsorship program was initially intended for businesses and organizations in the downtown area, as that’s the area of town identified as the most ‘bicycle friendly’ in terms of short trips and lower traffic volumes, Warring said. Some downtown businesses have expressed interest, but as of yet no racks have been placed downtown other than the ones in front of public buildings.

“The program generated some interest in the beginning, but we still have seven racks that need to be placed,” Warring said. “We have reached out to downtown businesses again recently in hopes of placing the remaining racks. But we would like to hear from businesses outside the downtown area that might be interested as well.”

Warring said thanks to grant funds covering half the cost, participating businesses will need to pay only half up-front.

“The cost for the business is $300 per rack, which is half of what they cost,” she said.   Warring said a recent push to place the racks has resulted in a couple of organizations willing to sponsor a rack for someone else.

“We have had some organizations that don’t necessarily need the racks themselves offer to sponsor a rack for a business that does,” she said. “That is very exciting. Bartlesville has always been a very generous city, so it’s good to know that hasn’t changed.”

Warring, who also works on the “Walk/bike to School” campaign each year, says biking is not only a healthier and an environmentally expedient way to travel, it is sometimes the only mode of transportation someone has.

“These racks give people who ride bicycles, whether for leisure, sport or as their primary mode of transportation, a designated place to leave their bikes while they’re inside doing business,” Warring said. “The racks are durable and they look good, too. They would be a welcome addition to any business or organization in Bartlesville.”

Warring welcomes anyone interested to view one of the racks by visiting City Hall, 401 S. Johnstone Ave., where one is installed just outside the front doors. For more information, call Warring at 918-338-4243.