Mission Statement

To find funding for the Bartlesville Adult Center, when needed. Points of Interest: Finances

There are seven members with the length of terms set at three two-year terms.

Meetings called as needed.

Agendas prior to the current year may be requested using this email.



Sandra Wade
Apptd: 11/16 to fill the unexpired term of
Jean King.       Expires:  2/17*
ReApptd: 4/17 Expires: 2/19*
ReApptd: 2/21 Expires: 2/21*
ReApptd: 2/21 Expires: 2/23

Judith Ann Hill-Hildebrand
Apptd: 4/18 to fill the unexpired term of
Larry Henisey,  Expiring 11/19*
ReApptd: 2/21  Expires 11/21*
ReApptd: 2/22  Expires: 11/23*

Kregg Cammack
Apptd: 2/21   Expires: 2/23*

John Joyce
Apptd: 2/21   Expires: 2/23*

Nancy Sue Swan
Apptd: 2/22  Expires: 2/24*

Eta Love
Apptd: 2/22  Expires: 2/24*

Arnie Shiers
Apptd: 2/22  Expires: 2/24*

Mike Bailey, City Manager and Staff Liaison


*eligible for reappointment