Mission Statement

The primary purpose of the Community Center Trust Authority shall be to develop, redevelop, restore and beautify the central regions of the City of Bartlesville, by providing cultural and educational facilities and activities which will benefit and strengthen the culture and economy of the City of Bartlesville, and in furtherance of that purpose to cooperate with the City of Bartlesville, the State of Oklahoma, the United States of America and any profit or non-profit organization created for such purpose toward that goal.


There are eleven members on the Community Center Trust Authority, including a voting City Council representative. City staff advisor is the City Clerk.


Meetings are held in accordance with Open Meetings laws. The Authority holds regular meetings once a quarter. All meetings are scheduled for 8 a.m. and are held at the Community Center. Special meetings are called as need.

2020 Schedule of Meetings


Authority Members

Brad Borg
Apptd:      6/14      Expires:  6/17*
ReApptd: 6/17       Expires: 6/20

William Haskell
Apptd: 9/15      Expires: 9/18*
ReApptd: 9/18 Expires:  9/21

Morris McCorvey
Apptd:  1/16     Expires:  1/19*
ReApptd: 3/19  Expires: 1/22

Kay Little
Apptd: 6/16 to fill the unexpired term of
Sherri Cox, Expiring 5/18*
ReApptd: 5/18 Expires 5/21*

Andrea Novak
Apptd: 1/17 to fill the unexpired term of
Dan Gordon, expiring 4/18*
ReApptd: 5/18 Expires: 4/21*

Chris Cook
Apptd 1/17  Expires: 1/20*

Michael Huff
Apptd: 10/17  Expires: 10/20*

Tawny Saddoris
Apptd: 11/17 Expires: 11/20*

Pat Wright
Apptd: 9/18  Expires: 9/21*

Annah Fischer
Apptd: 5/19 Expires: 5/22*

Dale Copeland, City Council Rep.
Apptd. 5/11

Val Callaghan
Managing Director
Bartlesville Community Center
Apptd By position