The Park Board acts in an advisory capacity to the City Council and the city manager in connection with care, management and control of all parks and grounds used for park purposes, and all boulevards and parkways now or hereafter owned by, or under the control of, the City.


There are seven members on the Park Board including one voting Council Representative. The non-voting staff advisers are the Park and Recreation Director and Park Superintendent. Each member serves three-year terms.


Meetings are held on the third Thursday of each month at noon for a duration of one hour (12-1 p.m.).

2021 Schedule of Regular Meetings

Park Board members

Debbie Haskell
Apptd:      7/17 Expires: 7/20*
ReApptd: 7/20  Expires: 7/23

Amos Radlinger
Apptd:      11/17 Expires: 11/20*
ReApptd: 11/20 Expires: 11/23

Gretchen Wendtland
Apptd: 10/20 to fill an unexpired term
of Tim Hamilton
Expires 1/22*

Melanie Bayles
Apptd:    10/18
Expires: 10/21*

Stephen Kucera
Apptd: 10/20
Expires: 10/23*

Ben Rovenstine
Apptd: 2/21 to fill the unexpired term of
Ted Lockin, Expiring 2/23*

Council Representative
Jim Curd, Jr.

Keith Henry
Parks and Recreation Director

Bobby Robinson
Parks & Recreation Superintendent