The Street and Traffic Committee was created June 20, 2011 by Ordinance No. 3371 to carry out educational activities in street and traffic matters, to recommend the preparation and publication of street reports, to receive citizen input, to recommend a snow removal policy as well as modifications to a City Council adopted policy, to act as an advisory board on the prioritization of street rehabilitation projects, to recommend street projects to include on any ballot proposal, to supervise the preparation and publication of traffic reports, to act as an advisory board on the decisions of the traffic engineer having to do with traffic matters, and to recommend to the city council plans and programs for improving traffic conditions and the administration and enforcement of traffic regulations. Prioritization of street projects shall be based on engineering data consisting of but not limited to functional use, traffic counts, pavement condition assessment and deterioration models as well as city staff input regarding the likely causes of the pavement distress or deterioration and the recommended repair combined with the anticipated project cost. For an interactive map of streets and other features of Bartlesville go to GIS City Maps.


There are seven citizen members, preferably one from each of the city’s five wards, if available, who are appointed per City Council policy. The members shall be qualified voters living within the city limits and shall serve for a term of three years, not to exceed two consecutive terms. A City Council member shall also be appointed as a non-voting advisory member to the committee.  In addition to the seven citizen members and City Council member, the fire chief, police chief, Engineering director and the Public Works director or their designees shall serve as non-voting advisory members.


Meetings are held on the second Thursday of each month at 12:00 p.m. at City Hall.

2024 Schedule of Regular Meetings

Current members

Jana Tresher
Apptd:  9/19 to fill the unexpired term of
Dan Oglesbee which expires: 2/21*
ReApptd:  9/21  Expires: 2/24*

Melanie Bayles
Apptd: 9/20 to fill unexpired term of
Bill Wentz which Expires: 6/22*
ReApptd: 8/22 Expires: 6/25*

Frank Villarruel
Apptd: 10/21 Expires: 10/24*

Jordan Gentges
Apptd: 10/21 Expires: 10/24*

Allison Swift
Apptd: 5/24  Expires: 5/27*

Orville Burks
Apptd: 5/24  Expires: 5/27*

Kristy Kier
Apptd: 5/24  Expires: 5/27*

Council Representative
Loren Roszel

Micah Siemers, Director of Engineering
Keith Henry, Public Works Director
Police Chief Tracy Roles
Fire Chief David Topping