Formed April 16, 2018 Resolution 3437

OBJECTIVE: To ensure that the Tower Green is a gathering place that is open and inviting to everyone, the City Council seeks a committee of citizens and stakeholders to gather public input and develop a detailed design plan for the Tower Green and to present this to the City Council for final approval.

Said committee shall be charged with the following detailed Scope of Work:

  1. To gather input on how best to shape this public space, the Committee shall hold a minimum of two public input sessions. One such input session shall occur at the beginning and one shall occur later in the process to gain insight and opinions on the work completed to date.  Additional public input may be obtained through the use of a survey, additional public input sessions, or other means.
  2. To consider a variety of improvements and amenities to encourage social interaction and to facilitate flexible and creative patterns of use and programming.
  3. From such alternatives, select a preferred design plan for the Tower Green that will result in a gathering space that is accessible, visible, attractive, and memorable.
  4. To provide information on specific products, materials, and colors to be included in the construction plans and specifications, to include, but not be limited to, benches, trash receptacles, bicycle racks, planter pots, type and size of trees, shrubs, or plants, concrete pavers, utility connections, and other elements to be included in this space.
  5. That the Design Committee shall present the plan, along with product specifications and written recommendations for the Tower Green Project, to the City Council for consideration no later than Monday, October 1, 2018.
  6. That such plan and recommendations shall be used to guide the final construction and engineering design of the Tower Green ProjectThat the Design Committee shall be comprised of seven (7) members as follows:
  • Two City Council persons
  • One representative of the Community Center Trust Authority
  • One representative of the Price Tower Arts Center Board of Trustees
  • Three members at large

City staff and the architect selected by the City Council shall assist the Design Committee as needed to provide technical information and guidance.

That the Design Committee shall remain in place to provide guidance as requested by the City during the construction of the project, and shall terminate thereafter, unless further extended by the City Council.




City Council Representatives (2):
Jim Curd, Jr.
Billie Roane

Community Center Trust Authority Representative (1)
Maria Gus

Price Tower Arts Center Board of Trustees (1)
Brad Doenges

At-Large Members (3):
Shelby Brammer
Annah Fischer
Jay Webster