The Bartlesville Library Trust Authority has the sole responsibility to manage the Library Endowment Fund including the investment allocation and disbursement of funds. The Bartlesville Library Trust Authority maintains a firm commitment to use these monies to supplement the regular City general fund budget for the purpose of Library collection materials.


There are nine voting members on the Bartlesville Library Trust Authority. Terms are for three years with members being eligible for one reappointment thus serving a maximum of six years. One voting member of the Authority may be a City Council Representative, but not required. Non-voting members include the library director who serves as staff advisor and library senior administrative assistant who serves as secretary for the Authority. Appointments to this Authority are made by City Council Resolution with the recommendation of the library director.


Meetings are called by the Chair in the Spring to review all expenditures for the ending year and set the budget for the upcoming year.

4/21/17 4/14/16 4/17/15
8/15/17 8/18/16 BLTA Investment Committee 8/12/15

Trust Authority Members

Craig Bradshaw
ReApptd: 7/15
Expires:   7/18

Paul Turcott
Apptd:    7/12 to fill unexpired term
ReApptd:  2/14
Expires:  11/16*
ReApptd: 2/17
Expires:   11/19

Bill R. Bieerschmit
Apptd:    2/14
Expires: 2/17*
ReApptd: 2/17
Expires:   2/20

Pamela Crawford
Apptd:    4/14
Expires: 4/17*
ReApptd: 5/17
Expires: 4/20

Vicki Carvalho
Apptd:    1/15
Expires: 1/18*

Susan Rhodes
Apptd:    7/15
Expires: 7/18*

George Halkiades
Apptd:   4/17
Expires: 4/20*

Kelly Hillburn
Apptd:  10/17
Expires: 10/20*

City Council Representative John J. Kane
Apptd.     2/17

Library Director

Mike Bailey, City Clerk

Denise Goff, Sr. Admin. Asst.