Mission Statement

To oversee the operations of the golf course and report to the City Council about said operation and general condition of the course. The Operating Committee also makes recommendations to the Council about fee structure and direction of the golf course operation.


There are seven members on the Operating Committee, including a Council Member, and one Staff Advisor, Jerry Benedict.


Meetings are held the first Tuesday of every other month at 6:00 p.m. in the Adams Golf Course Clubhouse and has a duration of approximately 1.5 hours.

2023 Schedule of Regular Meetings

Current members

Scott Maddox
Appointed:       1/17 to fill unexpired term of Marge Harvey
Expires:     2/18*
ReAppointed: 10/19
Expires:     2/21*
ReAppointed:   2/21
Expires:     2/24

Gary Reheis
Apptd. 3/18
Expires: 3/21*
ReAppolnted: 3/22
Expires: 3/24

Adrene Linehan
Appointed: 3/18
Expires: 3/21*
ReAppointed: 3/22
Expires: 3/24

Kyle Ppool
Appointed:   10/19 to fill unexpired term of
Brandon Lewis
Expires:  8/20*
ReAppointed: 2/21
Expires:   8/23*

Paul Taylor
Appointed:    10/19 to fill unexpired term of
Zac Henderson
ReAppointed: 3/22
Expires: 8/24*

Kevin Sitton
Appointed: 5/22
Expires:     4/25*

Council Representative:
Trevor Dorsey

Jerry Benedict
Golf Professional
O: 918-331-3900
C: 918-914-1311

*eligible for reappointment