Q&A: Station removed to make way for new ‘Fast Lane’

November 7, 2017

Last week, the Phillips 66 gas station on the corner of Highway 123 and Frank Phillips Boulevard was demolished. Is there a new business/gas station that is going to be constructed there?

The former station was demolished last week to make way for a Fast Lane Convenience Store/gas station which will be constructed on the site, according to the City’s Community Development Department.

ASAP Energy Inc. is in the final stages of acquiring a building permit to begin construction, and City officials say the store/station could be ready for business this spring.

Plans show the 6,804 square foot facility will house a convenience store and a sit-down down dining area with a Lucille’s Kitchen, a spin-off of Lucille’s Roadhouse Restaurant, located in Weatherford, Okla., where ASAP Energy is headquartered. The new store will also have eight fueling stations for cars and light trucks and additional positions for off-road diesel and CNG vehicles.

ASAP Energy owns and operates 17 retail convenience stores in Oklahoma and provides wholesale services in Oklahoma, Kansas, Texas, Missouri and Arkansas. Phillips 66 fuel is sold at all the retail outlets, a company spokesperson told City Beat this week.