Planning & Zoning
Downtown Concept

The Planning & Zoning Division provides information on land use and zoning of property and provides guidance to those wishing to develop property.

Staff reviews proposed development applications to ensure consistency with long-range plans adopted by the City and to ensure compliance with all City and State development regulations.

Staff also provides support to the City Planning Commission, Board of Adjustment and City Council on all development related matters.


Planning Resources

CityMaps – GIS

Zoning Regulations as Amended 1-5-2015

Subdivision Regulations

Design Guidelines for Downtown Bartlesville

City of Bartlesville Municipal Codes


Long Range Plans & Reports

Comprehensive Land Use Plan for the Bartlesville Metropolitan Area, April 1999 (COMPREHENSIVE PLAN UPDATE IN PROGRESS – SEE PROJECT WEBSITE)

  • This 1998 five-part plan looks at the planning process, early history  and significant physical characteristics of Bartlesville, projections and forecasts for the metropolitan area, and standards and physical development of the community.

U.S. Highway 75 Corridor Study and Master Plan, September 2003

  • This plan looks specifically at the needs and development possibilities along the U.S. Highway 75 corridor.

Downtown Master Plan:  A Community Vision, February 2004

  • Completed in 2004, the Downtown Master Plan served as a community guide to help Bartlesville maintain a vibrant and health downtown area. This plan covers downtown buildings and streets, business and residential use, as well as parking and landscaping.

Bartlesville Affordable Housing Plan, July 2008

  • In 2008 the City Council formed the Affordable Housing Task Force and directed it to initiate a self-evaluation of its ordinances, codes, regulations, policies and procedures and report back with possible modifications that might assist in increasing the supply of affordable housing in the community. This plan is the result of that effort.

Downtown Redevelopment District Implementation Plan, September 2009 (Executive Summary)

  • This 2009 plan offered an in-depth look at downtown Bartlesville and potential strategies and improvements.

Parks & Recreation Development Plan, October 2009

  • This 2009 plan served as a 10-year road map for the Parks and Recreation Department. The plan provides direction and strategies for parks, land, recreation programming and recreation facilities.

West Bartlesville Redevelopment Plan, April 2011

  • A comprehensive vision applying specifically to the western portions of Bartlesville, this 2011 plan provides a framework for improvements for west Bartlesville neighborhoods and identifies potential catalyst project for change.

Bartlesville Strategic Plan Update Angelou Economics, February 2013

  • Commissioned by the Bartlesville Regional Chamber of Commerce and the City of Bartlesville in 2012, the Angelou Strategic Plan evaluated the conditions of Bartlesville’s quality of life and retail market and offered potential strategies for improvement. The plan is broken into five phases: Economic and Demographic, Quality of Life Assessment, Strategic Recommendations and Community Scorecard.

City Strategic Plan, July 2022

  • The City Strategic Plan focuses on financial excellence, economic growth, infrastructure and community partnership, outlines the City’s vision, mission and values and identifies strategic priorities and key objectives that will guide City operations over the next three to five years

Housing Study, March 2024

  • The 2024 Housing Study aims to provide a holistic understanding of the city’s current housing environment, unearthing trends, spotlighting gaps, and projecting future needs. The study was adopted by City Council in March of 2024.

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