Today’s reality, tomorrow’s possibilities

Community Development is a process that can help move a community from today’s reality to tomorrow’s possibilities. The various City departments, divisions and services that comprise Community Development work together to help shape the future of land development and the built environment within the Bartlesville City Limits.

The Community Development Department has three major divisions:

Planning and Zoning Services

Planning and Zoning Services is focused on the future by ensuring that the decisions we make today will result in a viable and healthy future for our city. Zoning is a tool of planning that provides for a division of land according to different uses in order to avoid nuisances and to promote healthy and orderly development. This tool is known as the Zoning Regulations. Zoning regulations promote health, safety, good design and efficiency while guiding the physical development of the community to meet present and future needs of its citizens. The division serves as staff to the Planning Commission, Board of Adjustment and City Council.

Building and Construction Services

Building and Construction Services is focused on safety by ensuring that public and private structures are built to meet proven community design standards in order to protect lives and preserve investments. Staff assists individuals planning improvements to their property, reviews construction plans, issues permits, performs inspections and enforces minimum building codes adopted by the State of Oklahoma to ensure safe buildings and a healthy environment.

Neighborhood Services

Neighborhood Services is focused on stabilization by helping to strengthen neighborhoods through enforcement of minimum property maintenance standards. Staff investigates complaints of violations and initiates enforcement action to correct violations and educate property owners to maintain code compliance.


Comprehensive Plan Update: Endeavor 2045

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Larry Curtis
Community Development Director

Trey Yankovich
Chief Building Official

Holly Mayhew
Planning and Zoning