Engineering Services

The Engineering Department’s responsibilities include:

  • Capital Improvement Projects – 

– including planning, designing, administering, and inspecting of:

The above forms and applications may all be submitted via email to (, OR
via US Postal mail, OR hand delivered to the City of Bartlesville, 3rd Floor, Engineering Dept, 401 S Johnstone Ave,
Bartlesville, OK 74003
  • Private Development Services
Engineering Services also provides planning assistance and engineering/architectural design and construction quality assurance services for private development projects involving public infrastructure such as water systems, wastewater systems, transportation, stormwater, or parks, and for any project that disturbs over 1 acre of land (or less if it is part of a larger new development).
  • Floodplain Management / Floodplain Development
    • Floodplain Development Requirements
I.  Floodplain Development Permit – LINK
Any development activity within the floodplain requires approval of a flood development permit issued by the City’s Engineering Department.This requirement is meant to protect your property and that of others by controlling alteration and development in flood prone areas.  A floodplain development permit will be required for activities such as:
        • Building or enlarging a structure
        • Placing a manufactured home
        • Mining
        • Dredging
        • Filling
        • Grading
        • Drilling
        • Excavating
        • Landscaping
        • Installing a fence
        • Storing supplies and/or equipment
        • Repairing roads or bridges
        • Placing a fuel storage tank and placing a recreational vehicle
II. Flood Elevation Certificate – LINK
In addition to the City’s flood development permit, any proposed work involving a structure must also have an elevation certificate submitted with the floodplain development permit.
III. Flood Insurance Information
    • FEMA Flood Maps – LINK
    • Additional Flood Information on City Services Storm Water Page – LINK

Engineering Department Contact Information

For general information or assistance with engineering services, contact Kim Toulouse at or at 918.338.4251.

For Stormwater Management information or assistance contact Shelley Charles at or 918.338.4254.

For Floodplain Development information or assistance contact Micah Siemers at or 918.338.4256.

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Micah Siemers
Director of Engineering