Building and Construction Services

The Building and Construction Services Division provides permitting services for construction activity and development projects within the City of Bartlesville. The division reviews plans, issues permits and provides inspection services for all residential and commercial construction projects.

Before beginning any work, it is always best to check with the Building Services Division to see if a permit is required for the project you have in mind. Please call 918.338.4244.

For data on current and past permit activity levels, view the Building Permit Activity Reports.

Permits are required for the following construction work, unless otherwise exempted:

Building Permits

For any structural construction, alteration, remodel or reconstruction, including new construction for residential, commercial or industrial, including room additions, interior remodeling which involves structural modifications, re-roofing and roofing projects which involve modifications to the roof structure or framework, garages, carports, storage sheds, roofed patios or any other accessory building.

Activities exempt from a building permit include one-story residential accessory structures (i.e. shed, playhouse) that are 200 square feet or less or commercial accessory structures that are 120 square feet or less; fences that are not over 7-feet high; painting, papering, tiling, carpeting, cabinets, counter tops and similar finish work; replacement of existing doors and windows of the same size and same operation; retaining walls that are not over 4′ high; and unenclosed or unroofed patios and decks less than 20 inches in height.

Tent Permit

For the erection of any temporary tent or membrane structure which has an area in excess of 400 square feet, unless said tent is open on all sides, in which case a permit is not required unless it exceeds 700 square feet in area.

Swimming Pool Permit

For the installation of a swimming pool that is 24 inches or greater in depth.

Sign Permits

For the installation or modification of a sign, either permanent or temporary.  Sign Regulations.

Electrical Permits

For the installation, alteration or replacement of any electrical wiring, electrical systems or electrical devices, including but not limited to the installation or alteration of any wires or conductors for the transmission of electricity, as well as the installation or alteration of any electric fixtures, apparatus or appliance, whether used for light, heat or power purposes.

Mechanical Permits

For the installation, alteration or replacement of any mechanical system, including but not limited to ventilation and exhaust systems, duct systems, combustion air, chimneys and vents, certain appliances, fireplaces and solid fuel-burning equipment, boilers, water heaters and pressure vessels, refrigeration systems, hydronic piping, fuel-gas piping and storage and solar systems.

Plumbing Permits

For the installation of any plumbing work, except repairs involving only the working parts of a faucet or valve, the clearance of a stoppage, repairing leaks, or replacement of defective faucets or valves provided no changes are made in the piping to the fixtures.

Driveway Permits

For the construction of or widening of a driveway.

Right-of-way Permits

For any work done within the public right-of-way.

Construction codes adopted by the City of Bartlesville

Oklahoma State Law identifies the minimum building codes for the State of Oklahoma.  As such, the City of Bartlesville is required by State Law to enforce these codes as the minimum construction code within the Bartlesville city limits.

The following Codes, adopted by the Oklahoma State Legislature including modifications, are the minimum construction codes for the City of Bartlesville concerning both residential and commercial construction.

  • International Building Code (IBC) 2018
  • International Residential Code (IRC) 2015
  • International Existing Building Code (IEBC) 2018
  • International Fire Code (IFC) 2018
  • International Fuel Gas Code (IFGC) 2018
  • International Mechanical Code (IMC) 2018
  • International Plumbing Code (IPC) 2018
  • International Property Maintenance Code (IPMC) 2018
  • National Electrical Code (NEC) 2017
  • Federal ADA Requirements
All I-codes are available for review (without the OUBCC modifications) by the International Code Council here.
The NEC is published by a different model code provider. View their free, public online version here (without OUBCC modifications). Please note that to utilize the free online version of the NEC, the National Fire Protection Association will require you to set up an account with them.
The OUBCC modifications to each code are available here.
View digital codes online here.  View codes and modifications as adopted by the State of Oklahoma in the Oklahoma Administrative Codes online here.