Utility services

The City of Bartlesville provides water, sewer and sanitation services to its customers. In addition to these services, the City also bills its customers for mosquito spraying service and street lighting charges.

Water service

The City of Bartlesville provides water services to both residential and commercial customers. Additionally, the City sells wholesale water to surrounding rural water districts, utilizing a $40 million state of the art water plant and distribution system that is anticipated to meet the needs of the entire region for years to come.

A detailed listing of water rates and answers to the most common water-related questions are available at cityofbartlesville.org.

Sewer service

The City of Bartlesville provides sanitary sewer services to both residential and commercial customers. The City’s sewer treatment facilities are operated by a qualified environmental services corporation, Veolia Water.

Information on sewer rates and an explanation of how those rates are calculated, including the sewer cap, are available at cityofbartlesville.org.

Sanitation service

The City of Bartlesville provides waste collection service  to both residential and commercial customers providing once a week service to residents and a maximum of six pickups a week for commercial customers.

Automated trucks are used to lift polycarts, which are issued to each customer when service is established. Additional polycarts are available for a small fee.

Yard waste is collected but excess waste must be appropriately tagged/sticker.

Days of service vary depending on the area, and can be determined by viewing the City’s sanitation routes map.

Residential and commercial rates depend on the services provided, and may be upgraded at any time.

Street light and mosquito spray

The City of Bartlesville also provides street lighting and mosquito spraying to all areas of the City. Details of the charges related to these services can be found at links below.  To report a street light outage, contact AEP-PSO at 888-218-3919.

Mosquito Spraying

–Street Maintenance

Billing information and rate structure

For a detailed explanation of utility bill charges, see Utility Example.

For a detailed explanation of the rate structure, see Utility Rate Structure 2019.

Spring and Fall Clean-Up Programs

The City of Bartlesville, in coordination with Osage Landfill, provides two opportunities a year to dispose of household and yard debris, free of charge. If you are a customer of the City of Bartlesville Utility Services, Osage Landfill will honor a current utility bill complete with your name and address and will allow you to dump as much debris as you wish during the designated dates agreed upon between the landfill and the City. There are some restrictions as to what can be left at the landfill and those restrictions will be provided on the news releases when the dates of the events are posted. Dates for each event will be posted on the City of Bartlesville website and issued to all media for citizen notification. Information regarding additional events such as grass and leaf pickup and the Annual Operation Clean House will also be posted on the City website and issued to all media outlets.

Other utility services

The City of Bartlesville does not provide electrical, natural gas, cable, Internet, or phone services to its customers. For information regarding those services, see these useful utility links.

  • For an interactive map of streets and other features of Bartlesville go to GIS City Maps.