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Police & Fire

Public Safety is a priority for every department of the City of Bartlesville. Two of the primary agencies involved in Public Safety are the Police and Fire departments.

The Police Department is responsible for crime prevention, investigation of criminal activities, traffic enforcement, animal control, safety education and the operation of the county wide 911 system for all emergency services.

The Fire Department is responsible for fire prevention and education, fire suppression, fire code inspections, arson investigation, emergency medical response and hazardous material incidents.

Municipal Court

Municipal Court is held every Tuesday and Thursday at 8 a.m. on the first floor of City Hall, 401 S. Johnstone Ave. This court handles only misdemeanor offenses, including traffic citations, falling under the jurisdiction of the Bartlesville Police Department. For felony cases, small claims, family legal issues and any matter initiated in Washington County but outside the city limits, see the Washington County Courthouse.



If your emergency is not life threatening, please call:

918-338-4001 for POLICE

918-338-4091 FIRE

Or one of the numbers listed on the emergency contact list.

For questions about Municipal Court, call 918-338-4225.

For an interactive map of streets and other features of Bartlesville go to GIS City Maps.

For residential emergency forms to be posted for responders in case of an emergency, see Washington County Emergency Form. 

For information concerning secure storage of items (such as keys, etc.) and information for emergency responders, see

Contact Public Safety

John Banks
Fire Chief


Thomas R. Holland
Police Chief