Capital Projects

At any given time, the City of Bartlesville has numerous capital projects in various stages of completion, with some in the design or construction stages and others awaiting funding allotment.

Capital projects are funded though General Obligation bonds and the half-cent Capital Improvements Program sales tax. G.O. Bond elections are called as needed, while CIP funding elections have been held – and approved — every five to seven years, dependent upon when the previous extension sunsets. G.O. Bonds are not sold at once to avoid increasing property taxes and are therefore issued over a period of years, which varies based on the amount of the total bond package.

Because of this, citizens may notice certain projects approved during G.O. Bond or CIP elections that are not being completed right away. It is important to note that funding for projects are staggered during the G.O. Bond or CIP term. These funds are issued in tranches, or in a series, so the projects are scheduled accordingly. Some projects are funded at the beginning of the bond or CIP period, while others are scheduled for funding later in the period.

Following are updates on the City’s ongoing, voter-approved capital projects:

Street Projects

Downtown streets mill and overlay — $2 million (2018 G.O. Bond, 2018A issuance)

Plans on this project, which includes a mill and overlay on downtown streets between Adams Boulevard and Hensley Boulevard and between Keeler Avenue and Cherokee Avenue, are approximately 75 percent complete. The project will need to be coordinated with several other projects either currently ongoing or set to begin in the near future in the downtown area — including construction of the Tower Center at Unity Square. Because of this, construction on the mill and overlay project will likely be delayed until next summer.

Frank Phillips rehab from Keeler to Sunset — $775,000 (2018 G.O. Bond, 2018C issuance)

Bids opened for this project Sept. 16. Construction is set to begin this fall.

13th Street rehab from Cherokee Avenue to Garden Street — $450,000 (2018 G.O. Bond, 2018C issuance)

Plans on this project are complete, but construction needs to be scheduled around the school year to accommodate traffic near Kane Elementary School. Construction is set to begin once the school season ends next spring.

Pathfinder Parkway connection from downtown to west Bartlesville — $373,000 (2018 G.O. Bond, 2018C issuance)

City staff is currently working to design an extension of the existing Pathfinder Parkway pedestrian and bicycle trail system from its end point in Johnstone Park into and through downtown Bartlesville to west Bartlesville via a combination of both on-street and off-street designs. This project must be coordinated with the downtown streets mill and overlay project. Plans are 50 percent complete on this project.

Barlow Drive rehab from Harned to Rolling Hills — 425,000 (Half-cent sales tax)

Construction is underway on this project.

Palmetto Drive rehab from Sooner Road to Virginia Avenue — $374,904 (Half-cent sales tax)

Construction on this project is complete.

Ohio from Park Hill to Madison — $140,000; Harvard from Brookline to Madison — $181,175; and Hazel from Madison to Hazel Court — 195,000 rehab (Half-cent sales tax)

These road rehabilitations are being handled as one project. Construction is underway.

Hillcrest Drive between 18th Street and the Caney River — $2.2 million (Half-cent sales tax)

This project consists of widening Hillcrest Drive between 18th Street and the Caney River, adding shoulders and extending the Pathfinder Parkway trail in that area. Because the widening will occur adjacent to the existing roadway, the majority of the construction will be done without closing lanes to traffic, with the exception of closures on the back end of construction to tie in the new roadway. The project was set for funding in 2021. However, the design portion has been underway so that construction can begin as soon as possible. A contract for the engineering design was approved by the City Council on Sept. 3 to Olsson. Construction is likely to begin in the fall of 2020.

Woodland Road rehab from Oakdale to U.S. 75 — $300,000 (Half-cent sales tax)

This project is a preventative maintenance street project involving concrete panel replacement set to begin next spring. Construction completion is set for spring 2020.

Street projects:

  • Jennings Avenue rehab from Adams Boulevard to 14th Street — $250,000 (Half-cent sales tax); and
  • Williamsburg rehab from Cambridge to Clarmont including Vicksburg east of Clarmont — $210,000 (Half-cent sales tax)
  • Nova Avenue rehab from Price Road to Wayside — $140,000 (Half-cent sales tax)

The above projects involve asphalt mill and overlay and are set for completion in the fall of 2020.

Street projects included in the current G.O. Bond or CIP period but not yet funded are:

Cudahy rehab, Virginia Avenue to Santa Fe — $ 400,000 (2018 G.O. Bond, not yet issued)

Minnesota rehab, U.S. Highway 75 to Madison Boulevard — $650,000 (2018 G.O. Bond, not yet issued)

Cudahy rehab, Santa Fe to Johnstone Avenue — $120,000 (2018 G.O. Bond, not yet issued)

Storm Drainage

East Downtown Storm Drainage Improvements — $2.2 million construction, $135,000 design (Half-cent sales tax)

This project includes replacement and upgrade of the storm drain system starting at Fourth Street and routing downtown to the Tower Center and Unity Square site area. Plans for the project are 95 percent complete and some work has begun on a sanitary sewer system project and about half of the storm sewer in the area. Both projects are being coordinated with the construction of the Tower Center at Unity Square. The bidding process for construction is currently open.

Quail Place Tributary Improvements — $500,000 (2018 G.O. Bond, 2018 issuance)

These improvements will increase capacity of the open channel system between Evergreen and Cherokee Hills, as well as replace the structure crossing Cherokee Hills Drive. The bidding process on the project will get underway late summer or early fall, 2019.

Storm drain projects included in the current G.O. Bond or CIP period but not yet funded are:

Candlestick Court Storm Drain — $350,000 (2018 G.O. Bond, not yet funded)

Eighth Street Storm Drain — $225,000 (2018 G.O. Bond, not yet funded)

Buildings & facilities

Community Center concrete drive replacement — $150,000 (Half-cent sales tax)

This project is on hold pending construction of the Tower Center at Unity Square.

Library HVAC system — $210,000 (2018 G.O. Bond, 2018A & C issuance)

This project is under design.

Parks & Recreation

Pathfinder Parkway Trail connection — $175,000 (Half-cent sales tax)

This project, which includes extension and connection of the Pathfinder trail between existing trails at U.S. 75 by Eastland Shopping Center and Frank Phillips Boulevard by Paths to Independence School, formerly Will Rogers Elementary/Complex, is currently stalled pending the acquisition of needed easement property. Engineering staff say the process should be complete in the coming weeks.

Sooner Park playground and ADA improvements — $150,000 (2012 G.O. Bond, 2014 issuance)

New playground equipment has been installed at the park and the old equipment has been removed. Future improvements are in the planning stages.

Skate park projects:

  • Johnstone Skate Park expansion — $25,000 (Half-cent sales tax); and
  • Community Skate Park — $350,000 (2018 G.O. Bond, 2018A issuance)

Funding for these projects has been combined to construct a new skate park at the Lee Lake Complex near Adams Boulevard and Silver Lake Road. The project is currently under design.

Renovate and expand Pathfinder Parkway Trail — $250,000 (2012 G.O. Bond, 2017 issuance)

This money will be used to fund bank stabilization along the Caney River where the Pathfinder trail has deteriorated due to erosion. City staff is currently in the process of identifying the areas where the funding will be best utilized.

Pathfinder improvements — $225,000 (Half-cent sales tax)

A portion of this funding was used to make extensive improvements to the Pathfinder trail in Johnstone Park. Remaining funds will be combined with other Pathfinder funds to make improvements to the trail system.

Pathfinder Parkway and Lee Lake Trail, facility improvements — $225,000 (Half-cent sales tax)

City staff is in the process of identifying the best use of these funds for projects along Pathfinder.

Pavilions at Civitan and Sooner parks — $80,000 (2012 G.O. Bond, 2017 issuance)

The construction of the pavilion at Civitan Park is complete. A contract for the construction of the Sooner Park pavilion, which will be located where older playground equipment was recently removed, was approved by the City Council on Sept. 2. Construction is expected to be complete by the end of the year.

Price Fields Phase 3 — $3.6 million (2018 G.O. Bond, 2018A issuance)

Bids received for this project came in over-budget. On Sept. 17, the City Council voted to request staff to value-engineer the project and re-open the bidding process. It is anticipated the council will approve a contract during its Nov. 4 meeting.

Tower Center at Unity Square (formerly Tower Green) — $1.75 million (2018 G.O. Bond, 2018A issuance)

This project is under construction. The community green space, located between the Bartlesville Community Center and Price Tower near Sixth Street and Dewey Avenue, should be substantially complete by late 2019. Sod and other landscape will require warmer weather to fully materialize; due to this, full opening is planned for spring 2020.

City Gateway signage — $100,000 (2018 G.O. Bond, 2018A issuance)

This project, which includes improved signage at the city’s entryways, is under design.

Consistent park signage — $90,000 (2018 G.O. Bond, 2018A issuance)

This project involves installing consistent signage throughout City-owned parks. City staff is currently reviewing options and expect to move forward with the project this fall.

Park projects included in the current G.O. Bond or CIP period but not yet funded are:

Pathfinder Parkway repaving — $300,000 (2018 G.O. Bond)

Veterans Park playground and memorial — $80,000 (2018 G.O. Bond)

Johnstone Park restroom remodel — $75,000 (2018 G.O. Bond)

Johnstone Park parking lot entry access — $400,000 (2018 G.O. Bond)

Johnstone Pavilion splash pad — $350,000 (2018 G.O. Bond)

Parking lot repairs & improvements — $150,000 (2018 G.O. Bond)

Miscellaneous park improvements and erosion rehab — $100,000 (2018 G.O. Bond)

Cooper Dog Park parking lot repaving — $75,000 (2018 G.O. Bond)

Golf course equipment — $50,000 (2018 G.O. Bond)

Douglass Park walkway — 45,000 (2018 G.O. Bond)

Replace drinking fountains at City-owned parks — $40,000 (2018 G.O. Bond)

Wastewater Improvements

Brookline-Havard Sewer line replacement — $591,522 (Wastewater Regulatory Fund)

Construction on this project is underway.

Completed Projects

Projects included in the current G.O. Bond and/or CIP funding period and already completed are:

Shawnee Avenue and 16th Street rehab projects — $285,000 (Half-cent sales tax)

Stonewall Drive rehab from U.S. 75 to Nova — $165,096 (Half-cent sales tax)

Price Road Dowel Joint Retrofit Project — $875,000 (2012 G.O. Bond, 2015 issuance)

Sooner Park rehab from Adams Boulevard to Baylor Drive — $250,000 (2012 G.O. Bond, 2017 issuance)

Mountain Road rehab — $240,000 (2012 G.O. Bond, 2017 issuance)

Willow Creek/Arbor rehab from Adams Boulevard to Hazel — $540,000 (2012 G.O. Bond, 2017 issuance)

Fleetwood Drive rehab, from Frank Phillips Boulevard to Spruce — $350,000 (2012 G.O. Bond, 2017 issuance)

Public Safety Complex — $5.8 million (2012 G.O. Bond, 2014 issuance)

City Hall elevator repairs — $350,000 (Half-cent sales tax)

Former police station demolition/parking lot — $200,000 (Half-cent sales tax)

Police and fire memorial — $50,000 (Half-cent sales tax)

Replace police software with new operating system — $482,200 (2018 G.O. Bond, 2018 issuance)

Replacement of aging servers — $300,000 (2018 G.O. Bond, 2018 issuance)

Johnstone Pavilion, Phase IV (parking) — $85,000 (Half-cent sales tax)

Park restroom upgrades — $40,000 (2012 G.O. Bond, 2014 issuance)

Lighting for Daniels Fields — $350,000 (208 G.O. Bond, 2018A issuance)

Kiddie Park entrance and perimeter fencing — $100,000 (2018 G.O. Bond, 2018A issuance)

Adams Golf Course bunker repair — $100,000 (2018A G.O. Bond)

Solar lights at Lee Lake Trail — $30,000 (2018 G.O. Bond, 2018A issuance)

Brookline-Harvard Sewer line replacement Phase 1 — $950,000 (Wastewater Regulatory Fund)