Citizen’s Police Academy

The Bartlesville Police Department is a traditional law enforcement agency providing services normally undertaken by a municipal department. The primary functions are crime prevention and suppression, investigation of criminal activity, recovery of property, and apprehension of offenders.

Patrol activity is used for crime prevention and enforcement of traffic and other ordinances of the City. The Department operates a Patrol Division, a Services Division, a Criminal Investigations Division and a Training Division. It provides consolidated police, fire, and emergency medial dispatch, including an E911 system, parking enforcement, records and identification, animal control, and a detention facility.

Citizen’s academy

Ultimately, it is hoped that the cooperation and understanding generated by the Citizen’s Police Academy will assist the community in its fight against crime.

Goals of the program include:

  • To encourage attendance at and help provide funds for the “Bartlesville Citizen’s Police Academy.”
  • To enhance the relationship between our community and our Police Department.
  • To provide community support to the Department.
  • To develop a trust between our citizens and our police.

Anyone interested should contact Special Assistant to the Chief Rick Silver at 918-338-4033, Capt. Rocky Bevard at 918-338-4010 for application information or Alumni Association President George Halkiades at 918-333-2428.

  • Dr. Ron Fetters

    Most of the Bartlesville City Police Officers appreciate any assistance the public can give the officers, however there is the 10% club of folks in any business that just don’t belong there. But I for one will always safely do anything I am able to support law enforcement and/or fire to keep the public safe and thank every public servant I come in contact with for their service to the community. It does not matter if I reside in the community, next to the community or in another state.