Construction zones at Price Fields Complex off-limits

Warning: Vehicles are prohibited in the construction zones at the Price Fields Complex, and anyone caught driving in them could risk being cited by police.

According to City of Bartlesville Director of Engineering Micah Siemers, motorists are compromising the recently installed sod and seeded areas by driving through construction zones rather than accessing the fields using the new paved road and parking lot on the east side of the complex.

“They are driving across dirt, mud, and seeded areas to access the northeast fields,” he said. “We need for everyone to stay out of the construction site. If they need to access the northeast fields, they can use the road and new asphalt parking lot on the east side of the site rather than driving through a construction site and across areas that have been recently seeded.”

Siemers said violators will be reported to authorities and cited accordingly.

“The contractor has been told to call the police if they see anyone crossing the curbs, sidewalks, or grass/dirt areas,” he said. “Others in the league and City staff who are working on the fields have also been notified to do the same thing.”

The complex is currently in Phase 2 of a multi-phase renovation. Weather permitting, the fields could be available for use this spring or early summer.