Director’s Cut: City code enforcement policies get overhaul

May 17, 2023

The Community Development Department has been busy streamlining the department’s code enforcement policies and process to help improve the overall appearance and safety of our city. Community Development Director Larry Curtis fills us in on the changes and what they mean for the community in today’s Director’s Cut.

First, what is included in code enforcement process?

Code Enforcement Policies and Procedures applies to things like weeds and trash, zoning codes, and what we call “non-weed and trash” code violations. Enforcement of these important City codes ensure that our neighborhoods are safe and the overall appearance of our city meets a basic standard.

The need for policies and procedures is crucial as it will help address the growing concerns of code violations in our community. Weeds and trash in residential and commercial properties not only affect the aesthetic appeal of our city, but they also attract vermin and pose health hazards to our citizens. Similarly, non-compliance with zoning codes can lead to unwanted development that could affect the safety and well being of the residents. Non-weed and trash code violations, such as abandoned or inoperable vehicles, can create eyesores in our neighborhoods.

Why did the policies and procedures need to be streamlined?

The policies and procedures needed to be streamlined to ensure consistent and efficient enforcement of code violations, simplify the reporting process for citizens, and create a clear framework for addressing weeds and trash, zoning code, and non-weed and trash code violations in a timely manner.

The new policies and procedures for code enforcement are comprehensive and provide clear and specific measures to address each of these code violations. It includes provisions for regular inspections and timely enforcement of violations, as well as issuing citations and fines to property owners who do not comply with the regulations. It also provides information on how citizens can report code violations to the appropriate authorities and the timeline for resolution.

What are the biggest changes and/or that will affect people the most?

The biggest changes that will affect people the most include:

  • Clear guidelines and expectations — The new policies and procedures will provide clear guidelines and expectations for property owners regarding the maintenance of their properties. This will help individuals understand their responsibilities and the consequences of non-compliance.
  • Timely enforcement — The streamlined procedures will emphasize timely enforcement of code violations. This means that violations will be addressed promptly, ensuring a quicker resolution and a cleaner environment for the community.
  • Enhanced reporting mechanisms — The new policies will introduce improved reporting mechanisms, making it easier for citizens to report code violations. This will empower individuals to take an active role in maintaining the integrity and appearance of their neighborhoods.
  • Consistent consequences — The updated policies will ensure consistent consequences for non-compliance. Property owners who fail to address code violations may face citations, fines, or other appropriate actions. This consistency will help insure a sense of fairness and encourage compliance across the community.

How can people learn more about these changes?

To learn more about these changes and the new policies and procedures for code enforcement, we invite everyone to reach out to the Community Development Department. We’re located on the second floor of City Hall, 401 S. Johnstone Ave. We can also be reached by calling 918.338.4238. More information is available on the City’s website,

Is there anything else you would like to say?

We would like to emphasize the importance of open communication and collaboration between the City and the residents. By working together, we can effectively implement and enforce the new policies and procedures for code enforcement, ensuring a cleaner, safer, and more attractive community for everyone. Additionally, I encourage individuals to stay engaged, actively report code violations, and participate in community initiatives aimed at maintaining the integrity of our neighborhoods. Together, we can make a significant impact and create a better living environment for all.