Fall, Spring clean-up programs still on hold pending review

October 17, 2017
What is the plan regarding the Fall Clean Up program for 2017?

Basically, nothing significant has changed since it was announced in August that the program had been suspended pending further review. See www.cityofbartlesville.org.

The coupon program, which permitted Bartlesville residents to dispose of unwanted items at the Osage Landfill at no extra cost anytime within a six-month window, was launched last year. It turns out the coupon program is significantly more expensive to implement than previous clean-up campaigns, which included a weeklong window for disposal at the landfill and curb-side service during regularly scheduled trash collection. But while there is no cost for residents at the time of disposal, landfill fees are still paid through the City’s General Fund. Public Works Department officials say the coupon program was nearly twice as expensive last year compared to previous versions of the program.

City officials announced in August the program will be reviewed and alternatives will be explored before a decision is made on how to proceed. That review is still underway.

Keep in mind the clean-up program is not the same as the free leaf/grass collection program, which is set for Nov. 13-17 and again Dec. 18-22.

No plans yet for lot at US 75 & Price Road

What’s the status of the previously announced restaurant to be built on the northeast corner of Price Road and Highway 75? Since the demolition of the buildings which were there and clearing of the land earlier this year, there has been no activity.

According to the City’s Building & Permit Office, no plans have been submitted to the City for the property. The last activity logged for the site was a demolition permit, issued to Ladd Drummond, permitting the demolition of the building formerly occupying the lot at that location. The City of Bartlesville has no records indicating a restaurant will be built at the site or of that being “previously announced,” though at least some City staff members are aware there is a rumor making the rounds to that effect.

Mea Culpa

In the Oct. 10 edition of City Beat, a question was addressed regarding remodeling work at “Thirsty’s by the Motel 6.” After publication last week, it quickly became obvious the statement was in error.

Thirsty’s, of course, is located at Madison and Adams Boulevard, nowhere near the Motel 6 and, clearly, not the subject of the question. Rather the question was intended to reference the former Quench Bud’s building, located near the motel in question.

Apologies to all involved.