Options considered for Lee Lake pipe repair

A leaking pipe is to blame for the declining water levels at Lee Lake, City officials said Monday.

The leak was discovered after calls to City Hall from walkers and other outdoor enthusiasts reported lowering water levels. Upon further inspection, City staff discovered the leak appears to be in some of the piping far beneath the water’s surface, Director of Engineering Micah Siemers said.

“The leak is in a concrete pipe that was intended to allow for the lake to be drained, if it ever needed to be, and for draining overflow from the lake,” Siemers said. “The pipe is very deep below the surface and has penetrated that bank.”

Siemers said the contractor that constructed the lake has been contacted for further discussion, but the leak will likely not be an easy fix.

“We have gone in and sealed it off to temporarily slow the leakage, so the water level isn’t dropping as fast as it was,” he said. “But more work will be required for long-term repair.”

Siemers said excavation and fill work will likely be needed, in addition to replacing and/or sealing the joints.

“We’ll know more once we meet with the contractor, which should be this week,” he said.