Q&A: ODOT bridge project on US 75 still underway

October 31, 2017

We’ve been wondering how much longer we have to put up with the orange barrels/cones and road construction signs along Highway 75 between Mazzios and the east side Post Office turn-off? It is our understanding that ODOT was responsible for the original construction and that they hired a contractor to put up the signage and put out the cones. The local drivers know that the signs are meaningless, since the project was finished several weeks ago, and most pay no attention to the signage.

Actually, work is ongoing on this project, so the signs, barrels and cones are still needed. As most of us know, this is an Oklahoma Department of Transportation project that started in February and involved the rehabilitation of the Turkey Creek Bridge, located on U.S. Highway 75 near Adams Road. Lanes on the highway between Eastland Parkway and Adams Road were closed for some time to facilitate the project.

According to City Department of Engineering Micah Siemers, the contractor for ODOT still has work to do in the area, including extending the delineators (the plastic markers that will prevent vehicles from Adams Road accessing the ramp) further south and repairing the guardrail that was damaged at the entrance to Senior Salsa.

The barrels and cones remain on the roadway because they will be needed during the upcoming portion of the project.

ODOT expects the project will be wrapped up in the next couple of weeks.

School zone light to make comeback

Why is there a flashing school zone speed limit sign for the west-bound lanes of Frank Phillips Boulevard just east of the Will Rogers Complex, but no corresponding school zone for east bound traffic in the same location?

The flashing school zone sign for east-bound traffic near the building known as the “Will Rogers Complex” on Frank Phillips Boulevard was struck by a vehicle some time ago and became inoperable. There was some debate regarding whether to replace it or not, as the building, which was once an elementary school within the Bartlesville Public School District, was at the time being used for administrative services for BPSD.

The building is currently being used as a privately-owned education facility,and plans are to repair and replace the east-bound flashing school zone sign. According to Public Works Director Keith Henry, the sign should be installed within the next month or so.

Office space

What is going into the building (at 800 S.E. Frank Phillips Blvd.)?

According to the Building & Permit Office, the building at 800 S.E. Frank Phillips Blvd. will house four offices. Approval was recently given to re-configure the parking lot at the site — work that is underway now.

Locke Supply moving north

I was wondering what is being built next to the Aaron’s building on Highway 75.

According to the Community Development Department, the construction underway on north U.S. Highway 75 between Aaron’s Rental store and the Phillips 66 station is a new Locke Supply store. The existing store, located further south on U.S. 75, is relocating to the north U.S. 75 site. (See City Beat Archives.)

No plans for Target (or others)

Wondering if there is anything to the report that Target will be moving into the KMart building?
Bonus questions: Are we getting a Logan’s Steak House? Are we getting an REI? Are we getting a Panera Bread?

The City of Bartlesville has not received inquiries or plans associated with the construction of a Target store anywhere in Bartlesville, including the KMart site. Same goes for Logan’s Steak House. And REI. And Panera Bread.