Q&A: Rumor mill: No permit filed for Planet Fitness

There is a rumor that the redo going on at the (former) Stage building in Eastland Shopping Center is going to be a Planet Fitness gym with a daycare in it. Do you have any information about this?

A check with the City’s Building & Permit Office reveals that no permit has been issued to Planet Fitness for 512 S.E. Washington Boulevard, also known as the former Stage store building, located in Eastland Shopping Center. That doesn’t mean it isn’t happening — just that no official action has been taken involving the City of Bartlesville.

Is the splash pad at Sooner Park still open?

Yes, it is. The City-owned Sooner and Frontier swimming pools closed earlier this month, but the splash pad at Sooner Park will remain open until the weather turns cooler for the season.

The pools are owned by the City of Bartlesville but are managed by the Richard Kane YMCA. However, City staff will determine when changes in the weather require closure of the Sooner Pool splash pad.