Q&A: Wild Heart Ranch: Bartlesville Goose hit by motorists still recovering

Do you know how the goose that was hit by a car by Jo Allyn Lowe Park is doing?

According to Wild Heart Ranch Rescue, where the sole survivor of a family of geese was taken after the geese were mowed down by a motorist near Jo Allyn Lowe Park on June 14, is doing fairly well.

The surviving goose suffered a leg injury in the incident, which witnesses say appeared to be intentional. The leg has reportedly not healed as well as caregivers would have liked, but they say the goose is “growing and healthy.” She will be released once her primary flight feathers have grown in, Wild Heart Ranch officials say.

Read the original story on this here: www.cityofbartlesville.org.

Is it true that the new (relocated) Hobby Lobby will have 50,000 more square feet than the previous facility?

According to the City’s Building & Permit Office, the total size of the relocated Hobby Lobby is 57,000 square feet. As everyone knows by now, Hobby Lobby is moving from its previous location in Eastland Shopping Center to the former Atwoods building, also in Eastland Shopping Center.

Building & Permit Office information indicates the new store could open in mid-October or so.

I heard someone is moving into the old American Legion building. Is that true?

No permit applications have been filed with the City of Bartlesville for that location.