Your Questions: Dunham Sports set to open late July

Have you heard any news on a projected opening for Dunham Sports?

Dunham Sports, which is located in the former Sears space at Washington Park Mall, has completed its permit and inspection process with the City of Bartlesville. However, Community Development Department personnel say it is believed the store plans to open later this summer — possibly in late July.

Spring cleaning

Do you know what is going on at 14th Street & Virginia?

The property in question is not located within the city limits and is therefore not subject to the City’s zoning and permit regulations. A check with Washington County Land Records resulted in locating the property owner, Whaling Construction. A spokesperson for the company said the land is being cleaned up but that there are no immediate plans to construct anything on the site.

No permits for ‘Pioneer’ businesses

Does the Pioneer Woman organization still plan to build on the corner of Price Road and Highway 75 and develop the property on the west side on Frank Phillips?

According to the Community Development Department, there have been no new developments regarding the property located at Price Road and U.S. Highway 75 since the grading permit was issued in January. The site is the possible future home of a new coffee shop. The demolition permit was issued to Ladd Drummond, Ree “Pioneer Woman” Drummond’s husband, last year. The City has not received additional applications or a site plan for the property and is unaware of further activity at the site.

There are no permits on file for a west Bartlesville business for the Drummonds or Pioneer Woman business.

They paved paradise

Do you know what is going to go in where the old police station was? I know it was previously mentioned that it might be used for parking by the YMCA.

The former police station, located at 100 E. Hensley, was demolished recently following the construction of a new police and fire facility in the 600 block of Johnstone Ave. It is believed the Hensley property will be used for parking by the nearby Bill Doenges Memorial Stadium and/or the Richard Kane YMCA; however, official designation will ultimately be considered by the Bartlesville City Council. No official action has been taken on the matter.

We all scream for ice cream

When is the new Braums on Highway 75 supposed to open?

City staff is not aware of an official date for the opening of the new store, but it is tentatively set to open early next week.