Council OKs projects for bond election

Voters to decide funding in March 6, 2018 election

The Bartlesville City Council voted Monday to approve a list of projects and equipment needs for voters to consider during a General Obligation Bond election set for March 6, 2018.

The council on Monday concluded a series of meetings set aside to discuss potential expenditures for the GO Bond election and to select the date of March 6, 2018, to hold the election. Voters will be asked to approve $16.5 million for projects, including the cost to issue the bonds.

If approved by voters in March, the money would be used to complete $8 million in park and recreational improvements, $5 million for street repairs, $1.9 million for facility upgrades and just over $1 million for draining projects.

Ad valorem taxes for Bartlesville residents will not increase or be impacted by passage of the issue, acting city manager Mike Bailey told the council.

“The City Council wants to keep the mil levy at 15, and that would have zero impact on the citizens of Bartlesville,” Bailey said.

Oklahoma law requires that 70 percent of the projects in each category be specified on the ballot. The remaining 30 percent are “discretionary” and are not placed on the ballot. Discretionary projects are not legally required for completion, but the City of Bartlesville has completed all projects identified as “30 percent projects” in the past, Bailey said.

70 percent projects
  • New pumper truck for the Fire Department — $610,000
  • Replace police software system — $475,000
  • Replace older servers — $300,000
  • Price Fields Phase 3 (construction of four additional fields) — $3.6 million
  • Lighting for Daniels Soccer Fields — $350,000
  • Kiddie Park entrance and perimeter fence — $100,000
  • Veterans Park playground and memorial — $80,000
  • Johnstone Park restroom remodel — $75,000
  • Price Tower Green — $1.7 million
  • Quail Place Tributary improvements (Woodland Park) — 500,000
  • Candlestick Court storm drain (Camelot) — $350,000
  • Downtown streets mill and overlay — $2 million
  • Frank Phillips mill and overlay from Sunset to Park — $775,000
  • 13th Street concrete panel (Cherokee to Garden) — $450,000
  • Cudahy concrete panel (Virginia to Santa Fe) — $400,000
  • Pathfinder repaving — $300,000
30 percent projects include:
  • Paved parking lot for Cooper Dog Park — $75,000
  • Lighting for Lee Lake trail (10 solar lights) — $30,000
  • Johnstone Park parking lot/entry access — $400,000
  • Community skate park (downtown or Lee Lake) — $350,000
  • Splash pad at Johnstone Pavilion — $350,000
  • Golf course bunker repair and equipment — $150,000
  • Replacement of drinking fountains in all parks — $40,000
  • Eighth Street storm drain rehab — $225,000
  • Minnesota overlay — $650,000
  • Pathfinder connect from downtown to west Bartlesville — $400,000
  • Downtown landscaping — $250,000

For a complete list of projects, see GO Bond Election 2018 Projects.

Look for more information about these projects and the 2018 GO Bond Election in upcoming issues of City Beat and on the City of Bartlesville’s website,