Identity theft protection

The Bartlesville Red Flag Oversight Committee was established by the City Council on Oct. 6, 2008.

The Federal Trade Commission has promulgated rules to protect consumers from identity theft and the City Council of the City of Bartlesville realizes the importance of complying with these regulations.


The Red Flag Rules Oversight Committee’s responsibilities include attending workshops to help formulate a custom set of procedures that are compliant with the new rules, prepare the procedures, submit a recommendation to the City Council to formally adopt the procedures and train staff and implement the program.


The Committee will be composed of five voting members: the City Clerk/Finance director; the Customer Service supervisor; city accountant; member of Police Department versed in identity theft detection; and an IT professional. All members are employees of the City of Bartlesville and shall continue to serve until 1) they cease to serve the City of Bartlesville in the capacity required under these rules; 2) they resign from the committee; 3) they resign from the City of Bartlesville; or 4) they are removed by the City Council.

The committee’s formal responsibilities outside of the original recommendation to council will consist of semi-annual Red Flag Program Reviews and an annual written report which will be presented to council every November.


COMMITTEE MEMBERS – Appointed Oct. 6, 2008

Mike Bailey, Administrative Director/CFO

Captain Jay Hastings, Criminal Investigations Department

Jessie Tabler, IT Supervisor

Tammy Hudgens, Customer Services Supervisor

Jason Muninger, Internal Services Supervisor