• Review special problems as they arise with reference to the building code, the electrical code, the plumbing code and any other general construction codes adopted by the City Council
  • Make recommendations to the City Council for any changes or amendments of any of the codes
  • Hear and determine appeals from any rulings or orders made by the building inspector, the electrical inspector, the plumbing inspector or any inspector, board or other officer administering any other general construction code adopted by the City Council
  • Affirm, reverse or modify any ruling or order from which appeal is taken


There are five members on the Construction & Fire Code Appeals Board. There are two non-voting staff advisors, the chief building official and the fire chief.


Meetings are held on an as-needed basis. Agendas prior to the current year may be requested.




Ron Glenn
Apptd:  6/18     Expires: 6/21*
ReApptd: 2/22  Expires: 6/24

Bruce Kinkade
Apptd: 1/19      Expires: 1/22*
ReApptd: 2/22 Expires: 1/25

Bryan Freeman
Apptd: 2/22  Expires: 2/25*

Kenneth Wright
Apptd: 2/22  Expires: 2/25*

Bill Hollander
Apptd: 5/23  Expires 5/26*


Trey Yankovich
Chief Building Official

David Topping
Fire Chief