Mission Statement

The Bartlesville History Museum Trust Authority shall plan, finance, develop, maintain, and operate the Bartlesville Area History Museum.


  • Plan, establish, develop, construct, enlarge, remodel, improve, alter, extend, maintain, equip, furnish, acquire, purchase, lease, finance, administer and operate buildings and other facilities for use by the City of Bartlesville as a History Museum;
  • Hold, maintain and administer any leasehold rights in and to all properties;
  • Acquire, improve, furnish and administer all physical properties;
  • Finance, operate and maintain such properties;
  • Provide funds for financing, constructing, equipping, operating and maintaining the property.

There are nine voting members on the Bartlesville History Museum Trust Authority including a voting City Council Representative member. There is one city staff non-voting advisor.

Meetings are held the fourth Wednesday quarterly at 9:15 a.m. (January, April, July and October)


2020 Schedule of Meetings


Joe Todd
1.  Apptd:      11/14
Expires:        11/17*
2. Reappointed: 1/18
Expires:         11/20

Billie Roane
1.  Apptd:    12/14
Expires:      12/17*
2.  Reappointed: 3/18
Expires:        12/20

Charlie Bowerman
1.  Apptd:   2/15
Expires:     2/18*
2.  Reappointed: 3/18
Expires:      2/21

Vicki Stewart
1.   Apptd:   6/16
Expires:      6/19*
2.   Reappointed: 5/19

Ted Lockin
1. Appointed: 3/17
Expires:         3/20*
2. Reappointed 8/20
Expires: 3/23

Ed Gordon
1. Appointed 1/2019 to fill unexpired term
of Lois Bass which Expires: 12/19*
2. Reappointed 1/20 Expires: 12/23*

Jessica Rovenstine
1. Appointed: 9/19

Patty Phillips
1. Appointed 11/19 to fill the unexpired term
of Don Doty which expires 4/20*
2. Reappointed 8/20
Expires 4/23*

Paul Stuart
City Council Representative

*Eligible for reappointment