world_animateGeographic Information System (GIS)


The GIS City Maps Website is Bartlesville City’s Geographic Information System (GIS) funded by a voter approved bond on Sep. 11, 2001.

Individuals may click on the interactive Maps link and view: GIS City Maps Website.

CityMaps: Web Map App (configured for phones, tablets and desktop)





Printable maps: links to print ready maps are at the bottom of this webpage.

QR code reader finds link by using your phones camera, then just click the link for Bartlesville CityMaps.


QRcodeReader – CityMaps Bartlesville – this QR can also be used to connect to the online city maps. This allows easy bookmarking this map in a smartphone.

Scan the (black&white square) image (on the left) with your phone camera. Many newer phones have automatic QR scanners (check camera setting, give a moment for scanning).

Also, if needed, go to your App Store (Google App, Play Store, etc) and search QR reader (there are many free QR readers)


In the list below, there are

Basic street maps (printable versions):

Bartlesville Downtown Aerial Imagery

Bartlesville Street Map with Aerial Photo

Bartlesville Street Map Wall Size

Bartlesville Street Map Index Wall Size

Bartlesville Basic Street Map Large Font

Streets – 36x28wallmap (7mb) – with address ranges

Do you want to purchase a, printed, wall map (or smaller), also digital data layer files? engineering-copy_gis-fees

Want to export a map image the easiest way, see How To Select&print-screen images.


Frank Lloyd Wright’s designed Price Tower in downtown Bartlesville, has been nominated to become a United Nations UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Click this link for more info:  Frank Lloyd Wright’s Price Tower potential World Heritage Site.