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The GIS City Maps Website is Bartlesville City’s Geographic Information System (GIS) funded by a voter approved bond on Sep. 11, 2001.

Individuals may click on the interactive Maps link and view: GIS City Maps Website.

CityMaps: Web Map App (configured for phones, tablets and desktop)










Scan the (black&white square) image (on the left) with your phone camera. Many newer phones have automatic QR scanners (check camera setting, give a moment for scanning).

Also, if needed, go to your App Store (Google App, Play Store, etc) and search QR reader (there are many free QR readers for the phone).

A QR code reader will find the link, so  then just click the link to go to our Bartlesville CityMaps



In the list below, there are

Basic street maps (printable versions):

Bartlesville Downtown Aerial Imagery

Bartlesville Street Map with Aerial Photo

Bartlesville Street Map Wall Size

Bartlesville Street Map Index Wall Size

Bartlesville Basic Street Map Large Font

Streets_36x28wallmap_7MB (with address ranges)

Do you want to purchase a, printed, wall map (or smaller), also digital data layer files? engineering-copy_gis-fees

Want to export a map image the easiest way, see How To Select&print-screen images.


Frank Lloyd Wright’s designed Price Tower in downtown Bartlesville, has been nominated to become a United Nations UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Click this link for more info:  Frank Lloyd Wright’s Price Tower potential World Heritage Site.