The Bartlesville Development Authority was created to assist in financing local development projects and/or certain facilities for the purpose of promoting economic development in the City of Bartlesville and surrounding areas.


There are five voting trustees and two City Council members who will serve as non-voting, ex-officio trustees.


Meetings are held monthly at 8 a.m. at the Depot, 201 S. Keeler Ave.

2019 Schedule of Meetings

Current members

Bob Fraser, Chairman
Appointed 5/14 Expires 6/17*
ReAppointed 6/17 Expires 6/20

Martin Garber
Appointed 5/14  Expires  6/17*
ReAppointed 6/17 Expires 6/20

Lori Roll, Secretary/Treasurer
Appointed 5/14  Expires: 6/16*
ReAppointed 6/16 Expires: 6/19

Diana Adams
Appointed 6/18 Expires 6/21*

Kyle Hubbard
Appointed 6/18 Expires 6/21*

Two City Council Members as Ex-Officio Trustees
Mayor Dale Copeland
and Jim Curd, Jr.

President & CEO
David Wood

Legal Advisor
David King