Certificate of Occupancy Requirements

Below are some very basic things that the Bartlesville Fire Department requires of all occupied structures within the city of Bartlesville. These are listed here to save you time and, in most cases, speed up the Certificate of Occupancy process. This list does not attempt to cover all aspects, but simply identifies the most common things that apply to most occupancies. If you have questions concerning these or other requirements, please call the fire marshal at 338-4097 or the fire chief at 338-4090.

Reminder: It is a code violation to occupy a building and conduct business without first obtaining a certificate of occupancy and a business license from Code Enforcement.

Portable Fire Extinguisher(s)

At least one 2A10BC portable dry chemical fire extinguisher is required in all businesses. If travel distances exceed 75 feet, more will be required. Most fire extinguisher companies will not refill extinguishers with a plastic head and/or valve assembly. Purchase extinguishers with metal heads and pressure gauges. These may be obtained from companies that specialize in selling and servicing extinguishers (look in the Yellow Pages under Fire Extinguishers) as well as most major discount stores and hardware stores.

Street Address

The placement of the street address on the front of all buildings is required. The numbers shall be placed in a conspicuous place and be large enough to be easily read from the street (four-inch minimum).

Extension Cords

Extension cords are not permitted for constant use. Extension cords are designed to permit the use of tools and equipment for a very short duration, usually for a few minutes or hours, not everyday use. Multi-strip receptacles are permitted provided that they are equipped with a built-in circuit breaker and plugged directly into a wall receptacle.

Door Locks

Codes permit the locking OUT of anyone, but not the locking IN. Locks that utilize a key only from both the inside and outside are not permitted. Such locks must be equipped with a thumb turn latch to enable the occupant to unlock the door from the inside without a key. All buildings equipped with latching devices in all assembly and educational occupancies and serving an occupant load greater than 100 shall be equipped with approved panic hardware.

Exit Signs and Lights

Exit signs and lights are required in all buildings, rooms or spaces required to have more than one exit. One exception, where approved, is main exterior exit doors which are obviously and clearly identifiable as exits.

Emergency Lighting

Means of egress lighting (emergency lighting) is required when the business is open during hours of normal darkness (before sunrise and/or after sunset). The illumination shall be such as to provide sufficient lighting to enable occupants to see well enough to get to an exterior exit in case of an emergency.