Where is Municipal Court located?

Municipal Court is located at City Hall, 401 S. Johnstone Ave. The courtroom is located in the Council Chambers on the first floor.

Where can I find the Municipal Code?


When must I go to Court?

A violator has 10 working days from the time of receiving a citation to either pay the fine or appear in court. Court is held Tuesdays and Thursdays at 8 a.m. (with some exceptions for holidays). Within those 10 days, you usually have three or four court sessions available. Please bring your citation to court.

What is the fine for a Citation?

See Municipal Court Bond Schedule. If you do not see a violation listed, call the Court Clerk’s office at 918.338.4225 during working hours for a schedule of fines.

What if I feel I’m not guilty?

If you wish to contest a citation, you must appear within 10 working days and enter a plea of not guilty. The clerk may take this plea in the courtroom without appearance before the judge. A hearing will be scheduled when the officer who issued the citation will be present along with any witnesses for your defense. An attorney is not required but you may be represented at your own expense if you choose.

What if I can’t pay the fines immediately?

If payment is not possible within 10 working days, appear in court and request a reasonable payment plan through the judge. You must sign a payment agreement and a payment reminder will be issued with your schedule of payments. If you fail to pay as arranged, a warrant for failure to appear and pay may be issued and you may lose your driver’s license.

Where do I park while in Court?

The City has a parking lot on the south side of the City Hall building. There are some one-hour parking spaces in this lot (numbered parking spots are RESERVED). If you park on the street and receive a parking violation, it will not be excused because you were in Court.

How early should I arrive to Court?

Doors open at 8 a.m. When you arrive, take a number.

What if I ignore my Citation or Violation?

You may lose your driver’s license and a warrant can be issued for your arrest for failure to appear.

How do I pay my Fines?

You may pay at the cashier’s window on the first floor of City Hall, or mail your payment to:

City of Bartlesville
401 S. Johnstone Ave.
Bartlesville, OK 74003