Alive at 25 focus’ on the most at-risk drivers: young adults


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Since 1995, more than 850,000 young adults have learned life-saving defensive driving skills from Alive at 25 training.

The course addresses the number one cause of death for drivers ages 15 to 24 motor vehicle crashes and has been adopted by the State of Oklahoma and the City of Bartlesville and area courts for graduated licensing and traffic violator programs. The third edition shows young drivers how to take greater responsibility for their driving behavior. Compelling videos are used to challenge participants to imagine how their life would be affected due to a motor vehicle collision or their loved ones life without them.

What young adults will learn:
  • Why drivers ages 15 to 24 often underestimate risks
  • The effects of inexperience, peer pressure and distractions such as cell phones,
  • Text messaging, MP3 players and GPS units
  • The dangers of “kneeing” or driving with your knees
  • State and local driving laws
  • Communication skills for assertiveness and being a young leader
  • Responsibility of passengers
Course description:

Alive at 25 is a highly-effective four-hour course that serves as an excellent complement to standard driver education programs and is also ideal for young drivers who incur traffic violations. Through interactive media segments, workbook exercises, role playing and more, young drivers develop convictions and strategies that will keep them safe on the road. The third edition has a strong focus on good decision making skills. Skill practice and on-the-spot defensive driving techniques help change bravado into confidence. In addition to language that resonates with young adults, there’s also emphasis on classroom participation. Participants are encouraged to join in non-threatening, non-judgmental discussions exploring how changing driving behavior makes personal, legal and financial sense.


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