Enhanced 911 system

Bartlesville Police Department is the Public Safety Answering Point for the enhanced 911 system. All 911 calls in Bartlesville and the other communities in Washington County are answered by Bartlesville Police Department dispatchers.

Our system includes the Automatic Location Identification and the Automatic Number Identification, which captures the location and number of a 911 call and displays it on the call takers console. This feature allows a dispatcher to call a number back or dispatch assistance when the caller is disconnected or cannot respond.

Who answers 911 calls?

Bartlesville police dispatchers answer all 911 calls, including fire and EMS calls. Some local telephone exchange numbers are actually in Osage County. In those cases, the information is taken and transferred to Osage County Sheriff’s Office.

Can I call 911 from a cellular or PCS telephone?

Yes, 911 is a free call on most cellular systems. Depending on who your cellular provider is and the location that you are calling from, your 911 call could be answered in another jurisdiction. If you have a Bartlesville telephone exchange telephone number and you call from in Bartlesville and the call is answered by another agency, notify your cellular provider about the problem. Be aware that current technology will not provide the dispatcher with your location so be prepared to provide that information when you call.

What else should I know?

Sometimes the addressing information in the telephone company’s database is not current, so the correct name and address do not always display. The dispatchers should confirm your name and address when they answer the call.

Sometimes calls from large PBX systems will not display the actual location of the telephone. If you call from a large office building or plant that has multiple trunk lines, be prepared to give the dispatchers the directions to the office or work area where assistance is need.

If you should call 911 by accident, please stay on the line and explain the situation to the dispatcher. If you hang up, the call has already been captured and the dispatchers will try to call you back to inquire about the problem. If they do not get a response, a police officer will be dispatched to check on an unknown trouble call. A few moments of your time can save a great deal of effort on the part of several emergency services personnel.

Register with smart911 so your information is complete in case you have an emergency.

For non-emergencies, call 918.338.4001.