Operation Slick Streets

The Bartlesville Police Department may implement “Operation Slick Streets” during times when available manpower decreases to 50 percent or less for motorists involved in inclement weather or private property accidents when the following criteria is met:

  • No injuries
  • No impaired driver involved
  • No disabled vehicles blocking the roadway

Operation Slick Streets allows citizens involved in minor traffic accidents to exchange information and complete an accident form at a later time. Oklahoma Collision Report Insurance Exchange forms are available at www.cityofbartlesville.org, the Police Department, all Bartlesville Quik Trip stores, On-Cue Convenience store, located at Adams Boulevard and Cherokee Avenue, as well as other locations as needed. Simply complete the printed form and return to the Bartlesville Police Department, 615 S. Johnstone Ave.

Operation Slick Streets is implemented upon order by an on-duty supervisor. If you’re unsure if Operation Slick Streets is in effect, contact Police Department Dispatch at 918.338.4001.