The City of Bartlesville follows the guidelines and procedures as outlined in the City of Bartlesville Snow and Ice Removal Policy during times of inclement weather.

The policy includes the following guidelines:

Snow and ice control guidelines

  1. Snow is plowed only on major streets.
  1. Snow will not be plowed on residential streets.
  1. It will be the responsibility of the property owner to clear their driveways and sidewalks.
  1. Snow removed from driveways, sidewalks, or parking areas shall not be placed in the street.
  1. An attempt will be made to follow set priorities, however, due to blowing or drifting snow, some streets must be plowed repeatedly to control drifting snow.
  1. In removing snow from the streets, it cannot be expected that all the snow will be removed down to bare pavement. What snow or ice remains will be salted or a salt/sand mixture applied to improve traction.
  1. CMA may be applied to dry road surfaces in anticipation of snow or ice to help facilitate in keeping the snow or ice from adhering to the roadway surface. It may be applied later to help keep the precipitation from freezing solid.
  2. Due to the intensity of the storm or the time of day that the storm arrives set priorities may be changed with prior approval of the City Manager, Public Works Director, or his designated representative.

The policy may be viewed in its entirety at Snow and Ice Removal Policy.