Payment options

Automatic Bank Draft

The City of Bartlesville strives to make utilizing city services easier for you, the customer. In doing so, we offer utility payment options ranging from paying in-person to automatically withdrawing your monthly payment from your bank account.

It’s easy to fill out an Authorization Agreement for Automatic Bank Draft to get the payment process started. Just print the authorization form and remit it to City Hall, 401 S. Johnstone Ave., Bartlesville, OK 74003

Changing payment options

To terminate automatic bank draft payment, complete the Authorization Agreement for Automatic Bank Draft Termination form and remit it to City Hall. You can also transfer the automatic payment by sending us an Authorization to Transfer Automatic Bank Draft Information form.

Other service requests

Other requests may be made by completing the proper form and remitting it to the City of Bartlesville Utility Billing Department.

Other forms

Change of Address

Leak Adjustment Request

Side-yard Service Request

Sprinkler Activation Request

Sprinkler Disconnection Request

Termination of Service