Ordinance #3060 / Section 3 – The following fees and charges shall apply to White Rose Cemetery as follows:

Cemetery spaces

Full-sized spaces $350
Infant spaces $190

Burial services

Opening and closing cemetery spaces $375
Opening and closing infant spaces $200
Opening and closing urn $175
Disinterment (Opening and Closing only) $550
Disinterment, infant space (Opening and Closing) $300

Saturday burials will be charged at three times the normal fee. Sunday and holiday burials are not permitted.

Mausoleum crypts

Single $2,335
Double $3,500
Triple $5,000

Disinterment of mausoleum crypts

Single $500
Double $625
Triple $750

Late fee

Funeral processions departing the cemetery after 4 p.m. shall be charged an additional $40 for each 30 minute increment or portion therof from 4 p.m. until the procession has departed the cemetery.

Markers and monuments

Most monuments within White Rose are set by funeral homes, monument companies and other businesses who are licensed, bonded and approved by the City of Bartlesville.  Please contact these companies for their setting fee scale. Settings by individuals are prohibited.

Below is the fee chart when a monument is set by the City of Bartlesville. This includes a pre-cast concrete base where required.*

1′ X 2′ $100
1′ X 3′ $125
1′ X 4′ $150
1′ X 5′ $175
1′ X 6′ $200

Government marker $75

Larger than those sizes listed above – $30 per square foot

Reversible vase $20
Corner marker $10

* Headstones set in Blocks 7 and 8 must be flush with the ground and do not require a pad. Setting fee still applies in these areas.

Frequently asked questions

Is there any property still available or is White Rose almost full?  

There are still hundreds of spaces available for sale, though the selection in some of the cemetery’s older sections may be limited.  The land north of the cemetery and west of the office is also platted for future cemetery use.

Is there a place for cremated remains at White Rose?  Can cremains be scattered at the cemetery?  

There is no separate area at this time for the burial of cremated remains. However, up to four urns may be permitted in one burial space.  Cremains must be kept in an outer receptacle and interred in a burial space.  Scattering of cremains is not allowed.

Are upright monuments permitted at White Rose?    

Upright monuments are allowed in Blocks 1 – 6.  The marking of graves in Sunset Gardens (Blocks 7 and 8) are restricted to flat markers set flush with the turf, with the exception of Block 7, Lots 130 and 131, where upright headstones are allowed.

Does White Rose Cemetery sell monuments and markers?    

The cemetery does not sell monuments and markers but a partial listing of monument companies in this area as well as the rules and regulations for monuments is included on this website.