The Bartlesville Ladies Cemetery Association was organized in 1907 for the purpose of caring for and improving the cemetery. In September 1998, the White Rose Cemetery Committee was formed to assist in providing for some necessary work at this historical cemetery. The Bartlesville City Council appointed the members of the committee as Board members a year later. The White Rose Cemetery Board acts in an advisory capacity to the City in connection with preservation, beautification, and enhancement of the cemetery.

Board Mission

Preserve and enhance White Rose Cemetery by maintaining park-like surroundings which offer comfort and peace to all visiting the cemetery.


Make recommendations to the Bartlesville City Council concerning restoration, operations, maintenance, improvements, and expansion deemed necessary by the Board.

Solicitation of donations to augment City funding for beautification of the Cemetery.

Prepare and distribute printed materials outlining rules and regulations, services, and historical information about the Cemetery.


The objectives of the White Rose Cemetery Board include, but are not limited to the following:

Preservation, beautification and enhancement of the cemetery

Assist Cemetery staff in continued assessment of needs

Creation, expansion and implementation of activities and programs related to the cemetery

Assist in developing a long-range plan for the cemetery,
There are nine members on the White Rose Cemetery Board.  The non-voting City staff advisor is Keith Henry, Director.

Meetings are held in odd months on the last Thursday at 9:15 a.m. in the office at White Rose Cemetery with a duration of approximately one hour.

2021 Schedule of Regular Meetings


Tom Mardis
Apptd:  6/16       Expires:  6/19*
ReAppted: 5/19 Expires: 6/22

Ken Harris – Resigned 10/12/21 – Position Open
Apptd: 3/18 to fill unexpired term of Beth Marable
Expires: 2/19*
ReApptd: 2/19 Expires 2/22*

Julie Chesser Uehlinger
Appted: 3/21 to fill the unexpired term of
Ron Schooley which Expires 6/22*

Jack Alley
Apptd: 7/18 Expires: 7/21*
ReApptd: 10/21 Expires: 7/24

Debra Cook
Apptd: 5/21 to fill the unexpired term of
Jana Blount which Expires: 4/22*

Louise Reich
Apptd: 2/19 Expires 2/22*

John Fusselman
Apptd: 10/21 Expires: 10/24*

Donna Copeland
Apptd: 10/21 Expires: 10/24*

Open Position


* = elligible for reappointment